Luis Suarez a fost cedat de FC Barcelona la Atletico Madrid, iar despărțirea a fost una emoționantă. Atacantul a plâns la conferința de presă arătându-și latura sensibilă. După 6 ani petrecuți în tricoul catalanilor, Suarez și-a trecut în CV 13 trofee, printre acestea fiind 4 titluri de campion al Spaniei și o Ligă a Campionilor.

Luis Suarez, cu ochii in lacrimiFoto: Captura Instagram

Suarez, 33 de ani, a părăsit-o pe FC Barcelona după şase sezoane în care a marcat 198 de goluri în 283 de meciuri şi a pasat de 109 ori decisiv.

El a câştigat 13 trofee, patru titluri de campion al Spaniei, patru în Cupa Spaniei, două în Supercupa Spaniei şi câte unul în Liga Campionilor, Supercupa Europei, Cupa Mondială a cluburilor.

Luis Suarez, plângând la despărțirea de FC Barcelona:

Suarez, performanțe în tricoul Barcelonei:

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@luissuarez9: "I'm leaving proud and satisfied, I'm a culer forever." . "I have nothing prepared for today. I can only thank the club for trusting me when I first joined, knowing where I came from and the mistake I made." . "I'm very proud of everything I've done here. It's difficult for me to leave. It's an end of an era, one I'm very proud of." . "Coming here was a dream come true. I never imagined I'd achieve the numbers and stats that I have, I only dreamed of Barça in the Playstation. I'm leaving proud and satisfied after these six years." . "I want to say thank you to all the fans who have supported me during my time here." . "I leave many friends here. It's not just a player who is leaving, a human being who has feelings is leaving." . "Messi? Everyone knows that we have a good friendship. When you first arrive at Barça, they tell you 'be careful of Leo, he's different'. Many things were made up. He knows what I think of the situation and I know what he thinks. We are old enough. He felt strange because I'm going to a rival team, but nothing will change our relationship." . "Why did you leave? The club needed changes and the coach didn't count on me. Now I want to show that I can continue to perform at a high level." . "I'm joining Atlético with a lot of excitement, but I still haven't thought about what it will be like to face Barça. It hasn't fully processed yet." . "Griezmann and Godín? Yes, I spoke to them before joining Atlético."

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