Discriminare: Shahar Peer nu a fost acceptata la turneul din Dubai / WTA a despagubit-o cu 44.250 de dolari

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Sâmbătă, 21 februarie 2009, 11:08 Sport | Tenis

Shahar Peer, victima discriminarii
Organizatorii turneului de tenis din Dubai au fost amendati de WTA cu suma de 300.000 de dolari. De ce? Acestia nu i-au permis participarea israeliencei Shahar Peer din motive de securitate. Editia europeana a prestigiosului cotidian Wall Street Journal si-a retras sprijinul financiar inainte de turneu din cauza acestei decizii.

Ieri, intr-o sedinta furtunoasa a oficialilor de la WTA, s-a mai decis, printre altele si ca Peer sa fie remunerata cu suma de 44.250 de dolari. "Am incercat sa reparam nedreptatea pe care a suferit-o Shahar Peer, care a fost victima a discriminarii. Noi nu toleram discriminarea si nu vom mai permite ca situatii de acest gen sa se repete", a spus Larry Scott, conducatorul WTA. Peer nu a primit viza sa ajunga in Dubai din cauza relatiilor tensionate dintre EAU si Israel. Fortati de imprejurari, oficialitatile vor permite ca sportivii israelieni sa participe la competitiile ce au loc in EAU.

Shahar Peer va beneficia si de un wildcard din partea organizatorilor turneului din Dubai pentru editia din 2010, indiferent de circumstante. Interesant este ca Andy Ram a primit ulterior o dispensa pentru a participa la turneul de tenis din Dubai.

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    doamne, da' urata-i (Sâmbătă, 21 februarie 2009, 11:26)

    Daniel [anonim]

    Cred ca motivele de securitate nu se refereau la eventuali teroristi, ci la faptul ca spectatorii ar putea fi speriati de aceasta jucatoare.
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    Arabii tot arabi raman (Sâmbătă, 21 februarie 2009, 15:39)

    Alex S [utilizator]

    Cu toate hotelurile lor luxoase, daca au asa mentalitate tot niste prostalai raman.

    Au arestat oameni pt ca se saruta pe strada, au arestat o femeie pt ca a indraznit sa isi insele sotul arab, acum nu o lasa pe asta sa joace turneul.

    Trebuia exclus Dubaiul permanent de pe lista WTA pe motiv ca sunt inapoiati mintal. Degeaba au facut stadionul...
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    discriminare (Sâmbătă, 21 februarie 2009, 21:33)

    geni [anonim]

    In primul rand EAU nu recunoaste statul Israel si in consecinta nici pasapoartele emise in aceasta tara. Deci nu aveau cum sa-i acorde viza. Israelienii pot intra in EAU cu conditia sa detina un pasaport emis de un alt stat. Simplu. SI-au respectat legile.
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    mi se pare normal (Duminică, 22 februarie 2009, 0:45)

    jonelu [anonim]

    Autoritatile din Dubai au incercat tragerea de urechi a Isrelului.In Dubai locuiesc multi palestinieni.Prin neacordarea vizei sportivei respective probabil i-ar fi jignit pe palestinienii care au rude in Gaza. Nu uitati bilantul victimelor din ultima incursiune in Gaza a Israelului este de peste 400 de copii , 1000 de adulti, plus 3000 de raniti, in timp ce Israelul a pierdut doar 7 soldati si 3 civili.
    • 0 (0 voturi)    
      Şi care-i legătura? (Duminică, 22 februarie 2009, 12:33)

      Nedumerit [anonim] i-a raspuns lui jonelu

      Bun, care-i legătura între sport şi ce s-a întâmplat în Gaza??
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      Edificator ..... Part 1 (Duminică, 22 februarie 2009, 12:53)

      DRAGOS ESCU [utilizator] i-a raspuns lui jonelu

      The most shocking thing about Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer being denied an entry visa into the UAE, is the shock that it has created. The UAE has no diplomatic relations with Israel and even visitors to the country are advised not to get their passport stamped at Israeli immigration points if they want to avoid trouble getting in to the Emirates. This is nothing new.

      But now we’re being told that a shadow hangs over the future of the Dubai Tennis Championships following the news that Andy Ram, an Israeli player on the ATP circuit, is waiting to hear if he will be allowed to participate at the Men’s Open next week. I find it astonishing that the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has reacted with such incredulity over the Peer situation, and it is hard to believe that it was not aware of the restrictions on entry of Israelis into the UAE.

      The lazy journalism that has in the last few days consistently referenced Peer’s appearance in Doha last year conveniently ignores the fact that at that time Qatar had diplomatic ties with Israel and consequently no visa restrictions were in place. Things have changed since then and she would probably struggle to enter any Arab nation following the recent assault on Gaza.

      I have nothing against Ms Peer as an individual, but find it the height of insensitivity that she is being portrayed as some kind of victim for being denied the opportunity to knock a few balls around barely weeks after doctors were being denied entry into Gaza to treat dying children. If the UN threatened Israel with expulsion from the Security Council, then I must have missed it.
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      Edificator .... Part 2 (Duminică, 22 februarie 2009, 12:54)

      DRAGOS ESCU [utilizator] i-a raspuns lui jonelu

      Keep politics and sports separated we’re being told. Like any sports fan, and human being, I wish we lived in a world where that is possible, but unfortunately we do not live in a John Lennon song, and the reality is very different to that preached by the officials of organisations such as FIFA and WTA. And it wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so much hypocrisy flying around.

      Keep politics and sport separated?

      In 1980, President Jimmy Carter announced a US (home of the WTA of course) boycott of the Moscow Olympics for what can safely be said to be political reasons. A slew of their cronies naturally followed suit. Four years later, the equally reasonable Soviet Union, and the rest of the hapless Eastern Bloc countries, responded by boycotting the Los Angeles Olympics. Politics, perhaps?

      What’s that got to do with Ms Peer, some might ask?

      I don’t know her personal politics but she happens to come from a country whose government consistently flouts international rules and regulations by organisations supposedly far more important than the WTA.
    • 0 (0 voturi)    
      Edificator .... Last part .... (Duminică, 22 februarie 2009, 12:55)

      DRAGOS ESCU [utilizator] i-a raspuns lui jonelu

      Stick to sport!

      How about this, then. Since its recognition by FIFA 11 years ago, the Palestinian national football team has had to play its ‘home’ matches on foreign soil, with countless examples of Gaza-based players being refused permission to leave the territory, never mind entry into a foreign country. Or even the West Bank. When the Palestinian team finally played against Jordan in Ramallah in October of last year, many Gaza-based and West Bank-based players were held up and humiliated at checkpoints before finally being allowed to play. Palestinian players based in neighbouring Arab countries were refused entry visas.

      One player, Roberto Bishara, a Palestinian who was living in Chile at the time, was insulted by an Israeli immigration official who commented “how can you be playing for the Palestinian national team when there is no Palestine?”.

      I would guess that not as many people have heard of these incidents. Naturally, the officials at FIFA, like their counterparts at the UN, did not even threaten Israel with sanctions or expulsion, never mind actually take action.

      And yet now we have to listen to sanctimonious declarations by the WTA about the future of the Dubai Women’s Open. Ultimately, sport does not exist in a vacuum. Politics, human emotion and life in general will always intrude on that dream. Personally I would have no problem with Shahar Peer or Andy Ram playing tennis in Dubai if at the same time Israel allowed Palestinians to compete in their sporting events without interference and humiliation. Generally being treated like human beings would also be appreciated. The ball is in your court .....

      PS: “Ms Peer personally witnessed protests against her at another tournament in New Zealand only a few weeks ago. “Concern was raised about her well-being and her presence triggering similar protests. Given public sentiment, the entire tournament could have been boycotted by protesters."

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